Over 30 Years of Experience


Nix Excavating, Inc. is a small business that has thrived for over 30  years in the Magic Valley. We are located in Filer, Idaho. Our  specially is agricultural based excavating but not limited to building  gravel roads and pads for the wind turbine projects in our area.

Nix  Excavating Inc. being agricultural based, has had the privilege of  helping the Dairy industry grow in the Magic Valley. Dairy projects from  start to finish and yearly maintenance. We start by building pads for  barns, hay sheds, and corrals. We are experts in the designing and  building irrigation ponds and waste water lagoons. The continuing  maintenance is completed by cleaning the ponds with a long reach  excavator. We also do snow removal and resurface gravel roads , as well  as large lots.

Nix Excavating, Inc. completed 28  miles of roads and pad for the Bell Rapids and Golden Valley Wind Parks.  This resulted in moving 2 million tons of rock, dirt, and gravel. The 2  year project of roads, pads, ponds, and site work of 128 wind turbines  was completed in 6 short months. This was accomplished by having  experienced staff and a good work ethic.

Whether,  you are expanding your current dairy or investing in wind energy, Nix  Excavating is the contractor for you. We live and work in the Magic  Valley, we will continue to keep building our community stronger by  meeting all state and federal guidelines on all completed projects. We  are excited about the growth of the valley and hope you consider us to  be your contractor.